Full length Bike Protection Set

Our signature frame protection kit. Designed to provide maximum coverage from stone chips and scuffs while out on the road or damage during transit, either in a bike box or on a roof rack. The down tube and top tube protectors are interchangeable depending on where you'd like the most coverage and the seat tube protectors has handy notches for cutting to length at 170mm, 160mm or 150mm. 


1x: Down Tube - 500mm x 70mm 
2x Down Tube Extenders - 30mm x 70mm
1x Top Tube - 500mm x 48mm
2x Top Tube Extenders - 30mm x 70mm
1x Seat Tube - 350mm x 40mm
2x Seat Stay - 300mm x 25mm
2x Chain Stay - 300mm x 40mm
2x Fork - 290mm x 60mm (Narrows to 50mm)
1x Seat Post - 180mm x 45mm (170mm, 160mm, 150mm)

Gloss Clear - 150 micron

Gloss Clear film shown in image


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