Crank & Frame Protector Application

Dry Application

  1. Ensure component is at room temperature (avoid installation below 12°C/53 F)
  2. Clean surface using alcohol based cleaner
  3. Lay protector onto frame/crank (wet finger tips to avoid print transfer)
    For wet application use a shampoo and water mixture at 100:1
  4. Contour using light pressure - use heat if required
  5. Heat vinyl to activate adhesive*
  6. Allow to cure for 1 hour

*Use a heat gun or hairdryer, avoiding direct contact or prolonged exposure.

Wet Application

Recommended for gloss finish cranks

Use a shampoo and water solution at 100:1 to soak crank and protector before positioning. Use a squeegee to remove excess water and allow to dry before contouring and heating. 

Shifter Protector Application

For best results lay the protector down the centre of the lever first, and carefully smooth the protector round either side. 

All our protection products are made form automotive grade film which requires the surface to be free from all contamination. Any interference may cause adhesion issues. 


Decal/Sticker Application


Iron-On Reflective

  1. Peel away excess material revealing the strips
  2. Cut out required strip
  3. Place onto t-shirt with the smooth, shiny backing plastic facing upwards
  4. Place a paper tower or teflon sheet on top of the strip (DO NOT iron directly onto the backing plastic)
  5. Press for 15 seconds at 150°C (Medium)
  6. Allow to cool before peeling away backing plastic

Aftercare: Max 60 wash | Tumble Dry Safe | Do Not Dry Clean