The first taste of Spring

The first taste of Spring

This past Sunday's ride was a physical transition from winter to spring. There was still a familiar chill to the air but it lacked the bite we’re used to expecting. The sky was patchy with clouds and a little subdued in vibrancy. We had been meeting at 9:30am in the depths of winter to give the sun a chance to warm things up, but since the clocks changed we’ve reverted back to the standard 9:00am. 

The route today would see us heading into the Lincolnshire Wolds. Firstly through the micro villages of Beelsby, Ratcliffe and East Ravendale, who’s roads meander and twist as they navigate between woodland and farms. There’s not many big hills around here, but the Wolds is littered with small rises and drops, one following another so momentum is key. The roads are condensed in width, but you’re likely to encounter more horses than cars at this time on a Sunday morning. 

Wold Newton next and it’s a personal favourite. The old club road race used to come through here, where I finished 2nd in my first ever event. Sadly I haven’t done as much racing as I’d like. As local clubs have shifted over the years the complexities of hosting road racing events has lead many to remove them from their calendars. 

North Elkington is our turn around point, and it’s by now that the sun has dispersed the clouds and started warming the air. An absolute beautiful moment in cycling is when you’re neither hot nor cold. Extremities and core are in perfect equilibrium. I’ve never tried a sensory deprivation tank but I imagine this is what it feels like.

Past the Kelstern Airfield War Memorial and RAF Binbrook, daffodils line the road as long grass sways in the breeze. The trees are still bare but signs of life are starting to show. The sky is getting bluer by the mile, the air warmer. The contrast to earlier is so great you’d question if it was even the same day. 

Taking a right at Thoresway, a sobering moment as we climb towards Swallow past a burnt out car. We’ve spent the morning saying hello to local walkers and waving at other cyclists, you start to forget about the harsher edges of life. 

Our ride concludes as we pop out of the north side of the Wolds, but there’s one more set of rollers between Caistor Road and the A1173. The last with a deceptively steep climb. On reaching the cross roads there’s a moment to pause and take in the humber bank skyline, not particularly picturesque but still impressive in its expanse. 

It’s all downhill back home from here. Easy peddling towards the summer.

Happy Riding! 

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