Thank you for the support


I often end emails, blog posts or Instagram comments with, Thank you for the support. This isn’t just a subconscious positive wrap up to a message, but instead a truly heartfelt response to the support that you, the customers provide. As a small, relatively unknown business our reputation is vitally important to our continued development and growth. As such we truly care about every order, every mention, every email we receive, and consider it our duty to provide the best possible experience.

To further our commitment to providing great products and a great service, we’ve introduced product reviews to the site. Now this does require an additional time commitment from you guys, but once you've had time to test your purchases we’d love to hear your thoughts. This also helps new customers understand what other people’s experiences were, adding to our ethos of transparency. 

We believe the seller/consumer interaction should be a two way conversation, not just a transaction. We’re lifetime cyclists, creating products for lifetime cyclists. We’re as much a part of the ecosystem as anyone else and conduct our business according to how we feel cycling should be represented. 

Happy riding out there, 
and thank you for the support!

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