SRAM's Recall, What You Need to Know

SRAM's Recall, What You Need to Know

SRAM have issued a product recall this week due to an issue with the clamp bolt on all of their 12 speed eTap AXS shifters/brake levers produced prior to July 1, 2023 that were sold as aftermarket sets. The issue results in shifters rotating even after tightening the fixing bolt to the recommended 6Nm, due to excess thread lock applied during manufacture. 

Which models are affected?  

All 12 Speed models:

Force AXS & D2
Rival AXS 
Apex AXS 

I purchased a full bike, do I need to worry? 

No. The affected products were only sold as aftermarket sets. If you purchased a new bike from a local store or online dealer, your shifters will not be affected. 

Check tightness 

SRAM recommend checking the clamp bolt is torqued to the required 6Nm then applying light pressure to the shifter body, pushing towards the centre of the handlebars. If the shifter rotates or slips, cease using the bike until you have either followed their re-tightening procedure or contacted your local SRAM dealer. 

Re-tightening Procedure

If your shifters are affected you can first attempt to resolve the issue yourself using their recommended procedure. You can find additional details and a diagram HERE.

  1. Roll the hood cover back to expose the fixing bolt
  2. Loosen the bolt 2 full turns using a 5mm hex wrench 
  3. Re-tighten the bolt to 6Nm
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 an additional two times 
  5. Loosen the bolt 3 full turns and adjust the level to the desired position
  6. Tighten to 6Nm

The procedure didn’t fix the problem? 

If your shifter still moves or slip after completed the re-tightening procedure, SRAM recommend contacting your local dealer where an authorised mechanic will resolve the issue at no cost to you. 

Additional Info 

Please visit SRAM’s official article on the recall for additional information and a link to contact your local dealer. 

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