Ribble Sportive Racing - 7 Year Ownership

Ribble Sportive Racing - 7 Year Ownership

I'm not sure quite what to say. After 7 years you start to just accept this is the way things are. I've enjoyed owning the bike all those years and really only made a change due to the shift in technology cycling has seen in the past 5 years and how that relates to the business. 

Ribble Sportive one week into ownership

One week into ownership

At the time I really wanted SRAM, I'd ridden Shimano for pretty much my entire cycling life at that point and was desperate to try something new. With most brands shipping bikes with one groupset option, I ended up at Ribble, as they offering customisation, allowing you to upgrade not only the groupset, but any component on the bike.

Having owned so few bikes up to this point I really am not qualified to offer any insights into its stiffness and handling. It felt pretty good to me, but the experience  was definitely improved when a couple of years ago I upgraded the wheels to a set of Giant SLR carbon's along with a set of Pirelli P Zero Velo. This transformed the bike, it gained a sense of effortlessness rolling on flats, and the added weight save was much appreciated on the hills. 

I'll also remember the bike as our test mule here at Cyclistck HQ. Over the years we have thrown all sorts of different ideas at it to trial, some found their way to the store and others didn't. The matt paintwork wasn't too difficult to live with either, you do need to be careful with polishes or high gloss LSP's. I found a simple IPA wipe down worked best after a wash.

The underside of the down tube and top side of the top tube were finished in gloss black so I used our normal gloss protection film on those areas, saving the matt film for the chain stay and cable rub patches. 

And so as one chapter ends another one starts. It's sad to see her go but I'm looking forward to new adventures and more product testing with the new ride.

/Happy Riding!  

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