Re-Branding & 2018 Roadmap

Cycling Stickers will continue to be a family run business, dedicated to creating great products for cyclists. We started life as a small shop on several sales platforms and over the past 5 years have strived to carve our own path. The launch of our own site came just over a year ago and we’ve received amazing support from the community. Moving forward we’ve decided on a name change and slight rebranding to help better position ourselves for what’s the come.

Looking forward our aim is to become a real player in the bicycle protection world, protection for both you and your bike. We will continue to offer our decals and custom design services, but moving into 2018 our R&D focus will be on improving and integrating new protective products for frames, components & equipment. 

We will also be continuing our partnership with PW Cycle Coaching to offer a wider range of .FIT workouts, with Power based training currently in the works. This means we will be looking towards formalising RideFit as a stand alone brand with the addition of a dedicated website. Until then the RideFit products will be available on the CyclingStickers/Cyclistick website.  


The remainder of this year will be focused on Cyclistick products, making improvements to existing lines and introducing new ones. As we roll into the new year a larger portion of our efforts will be focused towards RideFit for both the training plans and clothing range. Nothing will change with the day to day operations of Cyclistick, our same day dispatch policy and eagerness to provide the very best customer service are going no where! 

But we want to do more and RideFit allows us to explore new avenues. We consider it an experiment both in terms of product development but also in terms of business development. Our long term mission is to collaborate with the very best in British cycling brands to deliver new and interesting products, and help build exposure for them. Early next year we’ll release a post detailing this goal further, but for right now we’ve got stickers to make! 

Thanks as always for the support
Happy Riding

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