Optimised Shipping

Without going into too much detail, the way Shopify handles shipping rules is a little different to other online platforms. As such the quoted shipping prices at checkout have been higher than we would have liked for the past year. This was a failure on our part for which I can only apologies. 

Optimal shipping costs are mutually beneficial as not only do you, the customer only get charged for what is necessary. But we receive more orders, as a result of less abandoned carts due to more favourable shipping rates quoted at checkout. 

Post Brexit, international shipping has become more difficult with the addition of various rules and requirements now needed for a safe and speedy transit. It is our desire to continue to ship internationally, for which we have and will continue to exhaust whatever avenues necessary to continue dispatching orders globally as Brexit/EU rules continue to change into the future.

It was because of these Brexit rule changes that lead us to take a closer look at our shipping policy and work to optimise them for the many regions we delivery too. As a result the shipping prices are now split between two catalogues: Standard Size and Large Letter Size. The breakdown is as follows

  • Standard Size: Items below 220mm in length 
  • Large Letter Size: Items over 220mm in length (But below 318mm) 

We currently don’t have any products listed on the store over 318mm in length, so for custom orders which may exceed this size, we’ll handle those separately. 

The shipping prices are now calculated based on what items are in the basket, instead of each item having it’s own size and weight parameters that are used to calculate a total order volume.  This new method of calculating shipping allows us to optimise for each specific order by only charging the additional cost between a standard envelope and large envelope as defined by Royal Mail. 

For example an order comprising of 4 different crank protectors would have resulted in increased prices being quoted on the previous system, due to the limitation of the Shopify automated packaging calculator not being optimised for such thin products. 

Now however, the 4 crank protector order will only display prices that relate to the Standard Size as the basket does not contain an item that is larger than 220mm. 

The obvious problem with this system however, is a scenario where an order contains X number of Standard Size products (smaller than 220mm) that in total, would exceed the maximum depth or weight that Royal Mail allow for standard size envelopes. For this scenario we have always taken the position that we upgrade and cover the additional shipping costs. This is partly a good will gesture towards customer who place large orders, but also allows us to include tracked shipping to ensure the products are insured against loss or damage. 

We have also added further granularity with regards to postal regions and methods of shipping. This includes specific prices for Standard and Tracked shipping for Europe, North America, Asia and RotW. Along with 1st Class, 1st Class Signed and Guaranteed by 1pm for UK orders.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we wish you all a great summer of cycling. 

Happy Riding

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