Fork Protection Re-Design

Fork Protection Re-Design

Along with the recent launch of our Full Mountain Bike Protection Set, we took the opportunity to update the design for our suspension fork protectors too. After several years the original design was showing its age and didn't account for newer design choices the major manufactures have introduced in recent years, but the main catalyst for the re-work was to provide a better universal fit and reduce the need for modifications during install.

Data gathering

The first step was a massive undertaking but we wanted to compiled a dataset from all the major brands (Fox, RockShox, Marzocchi, Manitou, SR Suntour & Ohlins) and their most common offerings. We created a digital mockup of each fork before making the biggest overlap stack you’ve ever seen. This gigantic mess of intertwined mockups allowed us to understand the common surfaces between the forks that we could safely place protection without interference. 

Cannondale lefty aside, most forks share a similar design philosophy with mounts for the crown and thru axle extended slightly into the main fork leg. These areas are the most troublesome for creating a universal protector, as each brand has their own way of connecting the elements, and even differ in approach between model variants. 

Maximum coverage, maximum options

The new protectors are available for 26”, 27.5” and 29” which allows us to offer maximum coverage in terms of length, but also the design itself is somewhat modular allowing for more installation options on the horizontal plane if you will. For a start you’ll notice the protectors are now asymmetric, with the non-drive side having a cut out to account for the brake mounts. This allows for a more rearwards install if you desire greater coverage there, with the other cuts and steps allowing for a more forward install, for those who lead the pack and find themselves snapping branches to clear the path.

Fit and finish 

We also now offer them in all three of our materials which allows you to match your fork’s finish with the Gloss or Matt clear, or to flex on the rest with our Carbon effect. All three offer the same level of protection so the choice is just a cosmetic one. 

You’ll also find a front brake cable rub patch that can be used on the crown if your forks don’t have a dedicated routing system or elsewhere if it does.

Hit the trails!

We hope you like the new design as much as we do, if you have any questions just shoot us a message. Best of luck out there and may your forks be forever pristine.



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