Creating our signature bike protection set

Creating our signature bike protection set

This set has been a long time in the making. The mission statement was to create a signature set, a flagship of our range that offered the most comprehensive protection. 

Until now our Basic Bike Protection set has been our only full bike solution. This set is designed to offer protection in the high traffic areas, like the lower two thirds of the down tube or the top of the drive side chain stay. These areas are most susceptible to damage from general riding, with chain bite being an ever present concern and stone chips from the front wheel always an issue on a summer bike, as mud guards are pretty unfashionable. This level of protection suits most people and helps protect their bikes from the worst damage, but what about those who want to take it to the next level? 

There are multiple reason to require a greater level of protection. Closest to my heart is aesthetics, as one stop chip can stand out a mile and slowly drive you insane! Another reason, that was brought to our attention with a customer survey was transportation. Whether you’re packing the bike in a box to go on vacation or bundling it into the back of or on top of your car before heading to the weekend Road Race, a bike can be subjected to all sorts of new factors when it comes to damage. 

The signature Full Length Protection Set aims to alleviate those concerns by featuring longer down tube and top tube protectors, full length chain stay and seat stay protection as well as fork front edge pieces. All designed to fit any frame size. We also made the decision to only offer this kit in our 150 micron automotive grade protection films, including carbon fibre effect and textured matt clear. All these films are used in the protection of some of the finest supercars on the planet, so we think they’ll do just nicely on your super bike too.

Full Length Protection Set Includes: 

1x: Down Tube - 500mm x 70mm
2x Down Tube Extenders - 30mm x 70mm
1x Top Tube - 500mm x 48mm
2x Top Tube Extenders - 30mm x 70mm
1x Seat Tube - 350mm x 40mm
2x Seat Stay - 300mm x 25mm
2x Chain Stay - 300mm x 40mm
2x Fork - 290mm x 60mm (Narrows to 50mm)
1x Seat Post - 180mm x 45mm (170mm, 160mm, 150mm)

From a manufacturing stand point we have continued our recent addition of engraved labelling. This started with our logo being added to the protection sets which helped with authenticity but has since expanded and now includes set piece labels for easier identification. Another new addition is the cut markings present on the seat tube protector which helps you cut the protector to length while maintaining a rounded corner, avoiding vinyl lift due to dirt ingress. 

We’ve put a lot of time and energy into creating this set, and we hope you all enjoy the peace of mind it offers.

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