Mountain Bike Protection Set

Frame Protection kit designed for the geometries of Mountain and DH bikes, with relief cuts to ensure a clean install on curved tubing. Made from automotive grade protective clear film this kit offers good protection against riding damage and scratches during transportation. 


1x: Downtube - 318mm x 55mm 
1x: Modular Top Tube - 213mm x 48mm
3x: Extension Modules - 40mm x 48mm
1x: Downtube Top Side - 265mm x 48mm
2x: Large Patch - 54mm x 24mm
1x Swing Arm - 220mm x 55mm (narrows to 44mm)
2x Swing Arm Extensions - 44mm x 28mm

Road Clear - 120 micron
MTB Clear - 150 micron
Matt Clear - 120 micron
Carbon Effect - 150 micron
Textured Matt - 150 micron


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